Welcome to the official home for all SHADA meeting details and minutes.

SHADA meetings are evolving, with more disabled people taking part and new aims to produce leaflets to go on this website. We are told by some disability organisations that our leaflets are too explicit to hand out to clients, which is a shame. But, rather than omit important information and leave readers unclear, we hope that they will at least signpost their users to them.

We try to run meetings which will satisfy the demands of the people who come along, and please let us know if there is anything you need to learn or discuss or bring to a meeting. We support health and care professionals who wish to work in this area but are not supported, discouraged, or even forbidden by their seniors, and we try to help them open constructive dialogue with them.

If any member/newcomer feels they have made unique progress, or you are stuck trying to achieve your aim, please contact us to discuss how you might contribute at a meeting. 

Meetings are open to members only, so you do need to join before you can attend. Joining is free of charge. Join Here

Summaries and the full meeting minutes can be found below: are detailed below.