The Sexual Respect Tool Kit has been developed to help GPs and other health and social care professionals feel more comfortable initiating discussions around sex. The Kit includes a Hand-Out for patients and clients, Posters for the surgery and various waiting room walls, a Training Film and a Two-Minute 8-Pager for busy practitioners. There is also a huge section called Further Information, including a section on the Law in relation to sexuality, Training and Resources. The Kit has been produced by Outsiders and is on

Lorna Couldrick has written a paper providing new guidelines to replace the PLISSIT model when attempting to communicate about sex with people with physical disabilities. See Couldrick
L, Sadlo G, Cross V (2010) Proposing a new sexual health model of
practice for
use by physical disability teams: The Recognition Model.  International Journal of Therapy and

17 (6) 290-299

Dr Tuppy Owens is writing a book on all her experiences with Outsiders and SHADA for health professionals, called “Sorted” which will be published by Jessica Kingsley in Autumn 2014.

Guidelines on all topics can be obtained by calling the Sex and Disability Helpline 0707 499 3527 from 11am to 7pm weekdays.