Aims and Vision


SHADA is an organisation set up to bring together employed professionals who work with disabled people in health, education and therapeutic practices.

The aim is for these professionals to meet and discuss case studies, best practice and new initiatives which will help members directly in their work with disabled clients. With this specific focus, it is important that membership consists of employed professionals, who both adhere to our policy of confidentiality and only offer short comments or questions at the end of presentations, after putting up their hand to allow the chair to select them in order.

We teach every member that they should spread the word that it is illegal not to support disabled people to enjoy the same pleasures as others enjoy in the privacy of the their own homes (Equality Act 2010, Human Rights Act 1998). Also, sometimes if a client lacks mental capacity, members of the practice can decide if a sexual service is in their best interest, and document how this decision was reached and, once this is done, legally proceed to support him or her to enjoy the service.

We have also set up SHADA International on to encourage professionals in other countries to find each other and start groups, and the website features pioneers in supporting disabled clients around the globe, for others to learn about their work.

Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality, it is not merely the absence of diseases,  dysfunction or infirmity (WHO 1975).


SHADA envisages a more inclusive society where every disabled person’s unique sexual identity is given due respectful, non-judgemental recognition and acceptance, enabling its diverse expression and celebration.


SHADA’s mission is to support and facilitate the sex and relationship needs of all people with disabilities, campaigning to remove the stigma attached.