25th Meeting 14th Novembers 2017

25th Meeting
Tuesday 14th November 17

In London


11am sharp – Introductions

Everyone has 5-7 minutes and to talk about:
Who you are
What you do
What you hope to learn at SHADA
What you bring to us
Something you have done recently that has directly led to helping/improving a disabled person’s sexual life.

12pm Representative of Leonard Cheshire: talking about their work

12.45 Michelle Donald: Sex Therapy in a SCI setting – a quick look at Michelle’s role within the UK spinal centres

1.15 LUNCH

2.15 Julia Bahner: Sexual facilitation: a forgotten issue or not worth fighting for? Examples from policy and disability rights advocacy

2.50 Matt Valentine-Chase: Being Present for Better Sex

3.10 Helen Dunman: Providing workshops for parents of children and adolescents with severe physical and learning disabilities and complex medical and sensory needs

3.30 AOB and Date of next meeting