24th Meeting 14th March 2017

24th Meeting

This took place on Tuesday 14th March 2017 in London. In the morning, after we found out about everybody in the room, and what they had recently engaged in to support a disabled client with their sexual life, we discussed hearing impairment with some hearing impaired individuals explaining how their particular type of hearing impairment has an impact on their relationships and sexual lives. In the afternoon we heard from founder, Tuppy Owens, about all her projects: Outsiders, SHADA, SHADA International, TLC-Trust, the Sexual Respect Tool Kit and the Sex and Disability Helpline and, finally her School of Sex for Disabled People which she is currently compiling. Then we had a really interesting talk from human rights and criminal lawyer, our chair Professor Claire de Than, about the laws surrounding sex and disability and how she is working on improving them. There will be time for people to speak briefly on their news and new projects.