19: 14th November 2014

19th Meeting on 14th November 2014

London 11am to 4pm. You are advised to bring your own lunch.
We will be welcoming Asgerbo Persson from Denmark. Here is the planned agenda.


Friday November 14th 2014


11am Introduction to Suebie, our new chair

11.05 Introductions around the room with news, questions and
things to share

11.30 Sex and Disability Education

Helen Dunman The joys and challenges of setting up Sex Education for young PMLD

Tuppy Owens reporting back on her talk at Action Duchenne on Sex Education from the Very Start.

Melanie Watson on her new project to improve national sex and disability education, and how ethics committees censor research projects

12.30 SHADA Working Group and SHADA International progress

1.15 Lunch (bring your own picnic)

2.15 Discusions on the various types of body and sexual services for disabled people

Sue Newsome, Sarah and Joel speak on enablement

Asger Persson (from Denmark) on massage

Tuppy Owens on electro stim toys which can be controlled by eye gaze, sound or voice

Becky Price(tbc)on Sexological Body Work

Sue Newsome, Rab (tbc) and Charlotte Rose on Sex Work including teaching

Sue Newsome, Becky Price(tbc) and Ruth Biddlecombe on Tantric Practices

Val Rusco on Taoist Practices

3.45 AOB and Date of Next Meeting

Lorna cannot attend but tells us that Narella Higson (Western Australia) has been invited to write a chapter on sexuality in an Elsevier Publishers the 7th edition of ‘Occupational Therapy and Physical Dysfunction’. This book will be co-edited by Michael Curtin (Charles Sturt University, Australia), Mary Egan (University of Ottawa, Canada), and Jo Adams (University of Southampton, England).. It is a major breakthrough, at last getting sex onto the rehab agenda, (which has only taken 50 years!!

Next Meeting — Monday 13th April? Aly Richards will talk about sexuality and strokes and says if we have anyone else speaking about other neurological conditions this might go well together.

To attend this meeting, register by email to Tuppy Owens on tuppy@Outsiders.org.uk.

We want to be sure that delegates make the most of their day and we too make the most of you. We therefor ask you to email a paragraph for us on who you are, what you do in this area, and reasons for wanting to attend the meeting —to share, learn, find support or guidance or meet others who share your passion to support your clients in their sexual lives.